A day in a life of CEO operating from a fully serviced home office

“Not only does a service apartment make sense for corporate people who travel back and forth but also for CEOs who desire an accommodation for six to nine months. A self-contained service apartment, meeting the business and personal wants of the discerning CEO can be effortlessly used as a home office.”

A sharp upsurge in business traveling has led to an increased demand for better hospitality services. Hence, service apartments are becoming popular, greatly. If you are new to serviced apartment concept, then allow me to explain. Okay, serviced apartment is a fully equipped accommodation. It has its own small kitchen, spacious and well-ventilated rooms along with all the advanced communication amenities that guarantee a complete luxury, privacy and convenience. Although busy executives do travel, it is the busiest CEO who travels quite often. He is a CEO of a medium enterprise, a person donning multiple hats each time. Be it the role of a decision maker, a leader, manager or an executor, he plays all the roles with equal ease. Put simply, he is a jack-of-all-trades. This is not to convey he is a ‘master of none’. Of course, he is a master who knows his trade well and therefore incessantly serves to maximize the value of the entity.




Let us watch a CEO working from a fully serviced home office

A typical CEO is on a visit to Hyderabad. It is obvious that he has many business errands on his list- business consulting, opening a new office, attending a conference, etc. Now observe how his transition becomes more comfortable and affordable or how he enjoys a hassle free relocating between offices by opting for service apartment.

His usual day that is obviously a busy one.

-He wakes up at 5 AM but wants to pamper himself spending, extra five minutes in the bed. He is out of bed but feeling little lazy to brew his coffee and expecting someone to make it on his behalf. He has nothing to fret. He stays at a service apartment that offers a hot cup of tea or coffee, every morning. Therefore, he makes a stress-free start.

-He enjoys a hot shower in a luxurious and squeaky-clean bathroom. He looks for some fresh and pressed clothes to put on for his conference. Oops! He realizes that he has forgotten his travel iron. What next? He contacts the in house laundry service at his service apartment. He gets his job done within minutes.

– It is breakfast time. He hears a knock on his door. He receives a healthy complimentary breakfast. He is satisfied with the food and feels all the more happy that his free breakfast is served timely.

– Being at a remote station to complete his project works and other lengthy business assignments, he wants to stay connected with his office team. He has a free Wi-Fi/ broadband at his service apartment for him to stay associated with his business counterparts and family. Therefore, there is no more missing business updates or dear ones.

– He has multiple meetings scheduled for the day. He attends three meetings back to back and feels exhausted. He comes back to his room to unwind for a while. A black flat screen television with a free view interests him. He feels happy as his entertainment quotient is well handled.

– It is lunchtime and he prefers hygienic homemade food. He does not want to make compromise on health. It makes perfect sense.  After all, health is wealth. He decides to cook delicious and healthy meals for himself. He goes straight to the furnished kitchenette that has the basic cooking and serving range.

– He has an important conference to attend at a hotel, post lunch. He realizes that the venue is miles away from his service apartment and he is already running late. However, he is at ease, realizing that his service apartment is positioned in a prime location that has easy access to transportation.

– After a successful conference, he is back to his room. He wants to make some important business announcement to his remote team. He exchanges an uninterrupted corporate communication over the secured telephone provided by the service apartment.

-It is late in the evening and he gets a call from his company headquarters about an urgent discussion with the local business delegates. He is aware that he cannot arrange for a meeting, outside, within such a short time. He takes a chill pill, realizing that he has a spacious room that can easily accommodate 6 to 8 persons easily. The discussion goes good.

-It is dinnertime and he observes that he is short on food supplies. He looks outside his window and is glad to spot a big supermarket opposite to his service apartment. He takes a quick walk to the supermarket and adjacent stores to buy food supplies. He comes home and enjoys a sumptuous dinner.

-He sees that his room is all messed up and he is too tired to do it by himself. He hires a housekeeping staff, available 24/7, at his service apartment and gets it cleaned within minutes.

-He has to prepare for his next meeting. He finds a convenient workspace with a wooden study table and comfortable chair for productive working. He winds up his business work in a relaxed manner.

-Now, he is complete with tomorrow’s beginnings, tonight. Well done! He desires to reward himself with a relaxing good night sleep. He has a peaceful sleep under the warmth of clean and well-complemented blankets, quilts, and other soft furnishings provided by the service apartment.

Thus, CEO is a special breed that is fast thinking and hyper-successful. His life is devoid of any dull moment. Not only are his actions fast, his moves are also fast – traveling from one city to another. He has traveled a lot and he knows what an expensive and inconvenient thing it is to stay for a longer duration at hotels. Like him, many other business travelers have also found a hotel stay to be inflexible and exorbitant. Realizing that a CEO’s stay is assignment based, service apartment serves for his overnight stays and long terms stays, as well, perfectly. In addition, it makes it convenient to manage meetings from a convenient place and cut down the typical expenses that such business events usually incur. However, there is an alternative now- The Service Apartment. Not only does a service apartment make sense for corporate people who travel back and forth but also for CEOs who desire an accommodation for six to nine months. Accordingly, a self-contained service apartment, meeting the business and personal wants of the discerning CEO can be effortlessly used as a home office.