How is the corporate culture thriving in Hyderabad?

Known for biryanis, pearls and heritage, the city of Hyderabad for the past decade has been known altogether a very different thing. The booming corporate culture and the wave of entrepreneurship! The city is experiencing the wave and has made quite an impact on the international IT market. With India being 3rd on the list as a start-up breeding ground, Hyderabad is one of the cities that is quite prospering up in the Indian Corporate ecosystem next to Bengaluru. As per the reports of Startup blink for the year 2017, Hyderabad has the 5th position in India and 190th global position in sustaining a corporate culture. The city thus being a hub spot for IT start-ups, many businesses are making it big enough.

Reasons for the Thriving Corporate Culture in Hyderabad

  • A Cosmopolitan City – After Bengaluru Hyderabad is one of the key IT hubs in India. Over the past decades, the influx of huge population from other Indian states and countries, a cosmopolitan culture has evolved in the city. A sustainable criterion for the flourishing corporate houses.
  • Ease Of Doing Business – It is quite easy to start a business in Hyderabad, as it is easy to shut it down. It is for this ease and flexibility, Hyderabad has been holding the first position for being the coolest place to start a business, for the past consecutive years.
  • Cheap Real Estate Cost – Compared to other metropolitans of India, real estate prices are quite low in Hyderabad. For any entrepreneur, that means lesser establishment cost.
  • A Flourishing Start-Up Stratus – The start-up ecosystem of Hyderabad is brainstormed with concepts like coworking, serviced apartments, entrepreneur workshops, start-up fests and what not. Being the eye of a storm is always the busiest one. Isn’t it?

Apart from these sustaining factors, there are some popular events in Hyderabad that promote the start-up cultures which is yet another reason for of the popularity of Hyderabad as a –

  • Start-up Saturday – Under the initiation of HEADSTART Network, a forum of entrepreneurial community is conducted on second Saturday of every month. A good joint for the future entrepreneurs to meet learn, interact and network.
  • The August Fest – India’s largest conference for rising corporates that acknowledges entrepreneurship is August Fest. Celebrated in the month of August of every year, the event has been getting bigger and better ever since launched. Entry level entrepreneurs can get a chance to meet start-ups founders who made a fortune, find investors and launch their business as well.  
  • Devthon – PiSutra Labs initiated this platform in an attempt to solve product development challenges and build solution models. The participants of the forum receive mentorship and facilitation from the experienced personals.

So, finally, with such a plethora of resources will it be very difficult for a corporate culture to thrive in Hyderabad? The city can provide experienced mentors who are pro-bono, investors who are easy to catch up, periodical workshops and discuss for the future entrepreneurs, and business festivals that open the doors to the amazing world of corporate culture, thriving communities working out of the box in co-working spaces. To sum up, this City of Pearls is incredibly helpful in every way going out of the conventional, creating a thriving atmosphere for the present and future of corporate culture.