New to Hyderabad? Make the Right Moves Before Moving into Your Own Place!

Moving to a new place is exciting and hectic at the same time. On top of that, when you are moving to a city like Hyderabad, it should be a careful venture. Since a decade and a half, Hyderabad has been the hotspot for immigration from all parts of India. This scenario is not going to change for another 10-20 years in the most livable Indian city- given the economic prospects it promises. That clearly means finding a dreamy place that you can call yours might not be that easy.

If the stint is not more than a month or two, staying in a service apartment would serve you perfectly. However, if you are moving to work, and expected to live for a longer period, better follow these steps before ticking on a property for renting or buying.

Pick a Location

Location is the most important thing to consider before moving to Hyderabad. It is natural to fancy a place which is not only close to office but also in a posh area with a peaceful neighborhood. At the same time, you definitely don’t want to spend a large portion of your salary in paying rent. Prime locations such as Banjara Hills, Gachibowli, Jubilee Hills etc. offer places that fulfill all these requirements. However, finding one with a modest price needs a bit of hard work and personal effort. In this case, the best thing would be to stay in a serviced apartment in the target area for a few days and hunt for a place. Physically searching for a place has a great advantage over looking at properties online from miles away.

Try the Locality

It is one thing to consider a place to live, and finding it to be perfect another. Therefore, trying a locality for a short time is an ideal step before finalizing to live there. In this situation, a service apartment could be your gateway to Hyderabad. Not only you hunt for a place while staying at one, you actually experience life in the locality. From testing accessibility of services- transport to food delivery- to measuring local lifestyle with restaurants or pubs, and weekend activities can be done in a week. If you find everything satisfactory, you can just move in a day to your new place from the extended stay apartment. If you want to try another locality, then get into another service apartment in that locality.

Prepare an Apartment Check List

Being in a customized apartment makes searching for a place easier. Another advantage with these homely accommodations is that you can check out any time you find your place, so no need to be in a hurry if it is taking a bit longer. You can do another important thing in the meantime. The serviced apartment that you are staying in can help you prepare a checklist for your new place. Take this apartment as a model for a house/apartment to move. Its spacious rooms, fully equipped kitchen, a large living area, nice window views, and a great connectivity to the rest of the city are desirable. You also might find stored features and appliances attractive to install in your new place when you move. Make use of your stay and narrow down your search. Don’t forget to put the budget on the list.

Physically Inspect the Places

Now that you have a temporary accommodation where you can prolong your stay, target the properties according to the checklist prepared. Since the serviced apartment offers you a co-working environment, you are, for sure, keeping up with work during office hours. If you have already started going to your office from this temporary home, you can resume your hunt in the evening or on weekends. You always can look at adverts online, but inspecting physically- sticking to the checklist- would give you results. Negotiate for a better deal, in Hyderabad it works. Try not to have a third party involved, and make sure most of the things, if not all, on your list are met when you decide on a place.

Get Service of a Moving Company

Now that you have found a place, you should pack your stuff and get ready to move. If you do not have a great many things, a cab should be handy to carry those along with you. In case you have been accompanied by your family in the serviced apartment, understandably you need more than a cab to transport the belongings. Then just book a small truck online from a moving service and let them take care of the rest.


Moving to Hyderabad could be a daunting task if you plan to find a place immediately. You may have to compromise on multiple fronts. Therefore, have some time in hand and find a place from where you don’t have to move again in a few months. Make one of SKYLA’s serviced apartments your temporary home and make it convenient to search for the desired place while already assimilating into your Hyderabadi life.