How Serviced Apartments Add an Edge Over Hotels with a Co-working Environment?

Serviced Apartments are not just about super comfortable homely stays.  They incorporate the ambience that inspires creativity when it comes to working as well. An unmatchable co-working environment pushing one’s social and professional persona is hardly any surprise. From meeting like-minded people to make the stay more fun to discovering career or business opportunities- thus, […]

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How Serviced Apartments are a better fit than Hotels for Corporate Collaborations

The age where businesses operated from a centralised location and catered services to meet local demands is far left behind. Globalisation has significantly made its presence even to the remotest of countries, thus transforming sustainable business practices. With the aid of digital technology, businesses have only expanded operations and paved the way to explore promising […]

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Serviced Apartments: A worthwhile determinant that helps you enjoy long stays longer

A quiet setting to unwind and revive; an unparalleled space and greater choice; and an immense value for money are what we prefer while booking a long-term accommodation. Serviced apartments, the self-contained accommodations also referred as ‘home away from home’, provide the required privacy, space, quality services and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and hassle free […]

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