“Service Apartments” make sense for medical tourists. Explore WHY.

“Medical tourists seek home like solitude when in an alien place and service apartments guarantee the hygienic, peaceful and relaxing environment that is vital for speedy recovery.”

Medical Tourism in India is growing considerably at a rate of 25% every year. Such an upsurge in wellness tourism is creating an enormous insist on private accommodation.  Thus, it is fascinating to notice hospitality meeting hospital industry. The major factor fuelling this rise is the medical tourists crossing national borders in quest of superior healthcare. People from under developed countries visiting richer nations in pursuit of advanced medical treatment are a common sight. However, the trend is changing, with people from developed nations looking for medical care in lesser developed countries, considering the costs involved.  These health tourists struggle to find a well-suited stay at a decent price. Although, people have an option to stay either in hotel or a service apartment, an increased inclination towards service apartments is observed, the surveys reveal.

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Let’s explore the constructive reasons to go for Service Apartments.

Close proximity to hospitals:

Service apartments, in general, are set up in prime locations and people on medical tourism favor staying closer to hospitals. Such a key positioning ensures an easy access to supermarkets, transportation, medical stores and other commercial complexes. In addition, staying near to hospitals makes it easy for the patient’s family to commute to hospitals with lesser spending on transportation.

Privacy, comfort and convenience:

Medical tourists seek home like solitude when in an alien place and service apartments guarantee the hygienic, peaceful and relaxing environment that is vital for speedy recovery. Service apartment often comes with essential facilities for everyday use such as kitchenette with cooking range, TV, sofa, beds washing machine, linen, etc. Considering the different food needs of the patient and family, one can cook ones meal without depending on unhygienic food.  Hence service apartments are commonly referred as fully equipped residences.

Cost-effective extended stays:

Medical tourists, often accompanied by families, are liable to stay back for an extended period following the medical treatment for recuperation. In such a scenario, staying at a hotel would prove an inconvenient and costly affair. Thus, domestic and international health tourists, especially from the Middle East, Africa, the US and Europe choose service apartment over hotels for their lengthy stays, in view of ones private space, affordability and ease.

Flexible multiple occupancies:

Service apartment gives the suppleness to decide between a studio serviced apartment to a 4-BHK, as per ones finances and needs.  Since, it gives the ease of multiple occupancies; even larger families can relax and continue beneath the same roof by opting for a larger portion. This shrinks the worries and costs, further.

Services on Hire:

Service apartment provides necessary services such as maid, cook, nurses, physiotherapists, medical equipments, laundry service on hire basis. Such a facility makes it natural for the family to give their complete attention to the ill family member, without distressing much about the routine. Besides, it saves their time and unnecessary efforts.

Emergency Assistance:

Being in an unknown place is not always thrilling, in particular, when medical purposes are involved. Emergencies may give a knock on the door any time. However, a service apartment, being resourcefully managed, comes with a 24-hour concierge for all kinds of emergency support.

Service apartments are perfect not only for comfort seeking and price-sensitive health tourists but also for patients’ families seeking unparalleled convenience. Besides, its ascending demand potential is expected to decrease the usual room tariff; making it the most elected, suitable and affordable staying option with regards to health tourism. Thus, service apartment makes absolute sense for medical tourists.