Serviced Apartments – The Best Alternative to Hotels

There is good news for all the frequent travellers who are tired of hoping from one hotel room to another because of unsatisfactory services, over-the-top prices or the middle-of-nowhere locations, or any other problem that you might have faced. The emerging trend of Serviced Apartments has put a stop to this vagabond way of life, and made finding quality accommodations easier than ever.


How are Serviced Apartments different from the Hotels?


Well, imagine living in a Hotel. You are provided all the services on a single phone call. Housekeeping. Laundry. Cooked Meals. Free wifi. Free Parking. Now imagine living at your home. Privacy. Comfort. No awkward encounters with strangers outside your door. No chaotic noise from the corridor.


This is what Serviced Apartments are. They are everything that is good about living in Hotels, minus everything bad about living in Hotels. Meaning to say that, Serviced Apartments combine the best of the two worlds – Hotels and Homes, without carrying the baggage that comes with them. So, you don’t have to cringe from noisy next door neighbours, or shy from over-priced meals, or worry about somebody breaking into your house when you are away. With one stroke, Serviced Apartments eliminate all these problems, and offer you everything that you can possibly want and need for a comfortable stay.


Why Should you Choose Serviced Apartments over Hotel Rooms?  


Whether you are going for an extended vacation with family, or you are out on a business trip, Serviced Apartment is the new Housing Option that will ensure the comfortable stay of your life. Read on to find out why are they better than staying in the Hotels.


  • Consistent Quality Across Locations – Don’t you hate it when one part of your travels make you feel like a King/Queen, while the other half leaves you feeling like someone waiting on the King/Queen with a ‘Yes, my Lord/Lady’! The inconsistency of the rooms that you stay in, at different stages in your journey, is something that you will never have to worry about with Serviced Apartments as they are located at premium locations that is equal parts serene and happening, and always of the best quality at all locations.
  • In the middle-of-nowhere or at the centre of the hustle-bustle take your pick – Depending on the purpose of your visit, that is to say whether you are out here for business and therefore would prefer a location in the centre of city that makes commute easy, or if you are looking for a peaceful location of spend some quality time with your family away from the city noise and pollution, Serviced Apartments offers you your pick of the location. Unlike Hotels that are generally located in the hotspots of the city, Serviced Apartments can be found exactly where you need them.


These and a lot more benefits are waiting to be explored by you in your experience with Serviced Apartments.