Serviced Apartments are a better bet for event planners

You are an event planner. You have hosted a great number of events to promote business, launch a product or service, create awareness, raise funds, celebrate achievement, exhibit product, etc. You strived to put on your best show. However, last minute hiccups are an inevitable consequence to even the slightest overlook under your supervision. Wrong decision over guest accommodation could fail you and force you to book twice.

If this situation describes you, then you are well aware of how an improper and inconvenient accommodation can mar the overall event experience, in spite of having exceptional management and organizational skills and boasting a talented team to work with.

Double-assurance, twice the worth. Choose the best serviced apartments in the first click.

Planning and coordinating a master event means handling a big list of small details related to all aspects encircling the event. Meticulous budgeting, scheduling, selecting venue, obtaining essential permits, organizing transportation, parking, arranging security, catering, volunteer management, event branding, partner management, etc. are all part of the event planning. No matter what kind of event you have on mind, event planning can be a daunting affair, at times. It is understandable that event planners put meticulous efforts to fashion the event concept, schedule logistics, and align with the technical aspects prior to the actual event.

Success of any event is directly proportional to quality and timely services and these are what people look forward to at any event. Arranging decent accommodation within the planned budget and without compromising on the service quality is the key challenge for any event planner. Any trip-up with this can have significant after effects. Therefore, opt for fully- furnished serviced apartments for the guest’s comfortable stay and keep the accommodation challenges at bay. Staying at service apartments means staying right at home with your own kitchen, separate living room, laundry, bathroom, private bedroom, etc. Whatever be your room needs, one, two or three bedroom suites, serviced apartments offer peerless lodging options along with great service and facilities for your events anytime. Unlike expensive and clumsy hotels, serviced apartments are just convenient thing for event organizers. Besides, they extend superior value for money in contrast to conventional hotel rooms.

Unparalleled Advantages of Serviced Apartments for Event Planners: Luxury, Amenities and Value for Money.

As an event planner, you are well aware of the skyrocketing costs and hassles involved in booking lodging for guests in a hotel. Why not consider booking a short stay at serviced apartments. Whatever be the event you are organizing, Serviced Apartments serve as the ideal staying option that offers more peace and space to your guests or event attendees than hotels. These are devoid of noisy lobbies and crowded hallways that are usually associated with hotels. Besides, you need not share-out essential amenities with other guests as you have the complete living space to your comfort. By and large, serviced apartments feature home-like facilities.

  • Complimentary healthy breakfast each morning for a fresh start
  • Stay connected with efficient telecommunications and free internet access
  • Well-found and spacious rooms for a comfortable stay
  • Small kitchen with basic cooking range encourages cooking ones meals effortlessly
  • Tour around the city and surrounds with ease. Enjoy quick access to transport
  • Private lounge and dining area to dine in peace and relax
  • Hire a maid and get the chores done effortlessly
  • Big flat TV to entertain yourself at the best
  • Laundry service to lighten your luggage and save you time
  • Convenient location gives easy access to supermarkets, malls and other retail stores

Away from home. Yet, at home.

Design your event effectively and make it more immersive, memorable and irresistible. Always mind that catering to the special accommodation requirements of the attendees or the guests is important. As far as the accommodation is concerned, guests expect quality and well-timed services. Therefore, go above their expectations and enhance their experience by choosing the perfect accommodation. Let your guests enjoy a stress-free and homelike stay at unsurpassed serviced apartments in Hyderabad even while they are away from their homes.