Serviced Apartments make for an effortless stay for NRIs.

“It would be fantabulous, if we could carry our home with us while traveling. Service apartments with a host of “homey facilities” make available the awesomeness of being at home.”

Service apartments have emerged as the most comfortable and effective replacement to pricey and inconvenient stays in hotels. Most of the NRIs returning to their homeland for a vacation, family wedding, to arrange their own event or for other get together, prefer staying in a well-furnished and fully serviced residential apartment rather than with their family or in a hotel because of various reasons. These seek quality service, privacy, advantageous location and home-like comfort which a service apartment unfailing promises. Hence, serviced apartments have become the greatly desired accommodations by the NRIs. According to Sekhar Sandhu, Founder, Skyla Serviced Apartment: “Every year, during October to January, SKYLA’s 70 percent occupancy comes from NRI community and they are our repeat customers.”

The contemporary service apartments blend the upscale hotel facilities with the home like comfort and convenience at no extra costs. Besides, these are loaded with tempting and much sought after modern amenities such as access to Wi-Fi, state-of-the-art entertainment facilities, refrigerators, microwaves, styled wardrobes, compact kitchen, DVD players, big screen TV, finest cooking and serving range, washrooms with modern fixtures, gyms, party rooms, health clubs, etc.

NRIs prefer service apartments for a home away from home experience; grasping its concept and multi-faced advantages. Let us look at some top reasons.

More space for family- The serviced apartment complex offers 40 percent more space in comparison to hotel and hence comfier. Apart from a spacious bedroom, it offers a living room, dining area and a small kitchenette. The greatest upside is that has larger units for larger families. Thus, NRIs who have come for family gathering or wedding need not worry about the arrangements.

Privacy for all- Coming for get together from abroad means coming along with families and hence the dire need for privacy. Serviced apartment, in general, has facility of several bedrooms and bathrooms that normally separate off from central living area. This feature ensures that everyone has his or her dedicated private space. Even so, they can hang out united in the shared out living room.

Access to meet friends and families- Visiting ones homeland involves meeting friends, families and extended families too. Often it is not suitable to meet friends when staying at someone’s place or at a family house. However, service apartments allows for a beautiful time by furnishing the home like independence and privacy to invite friends and families.

Peaceful environment- NRI families usually favor placid places. Serviced apartments are not only placed in prime location but are also set in calm backdrops that are bereft of city’s ado. In addition, service apartments are free from episodic elevator dingdong and cacophonic hallways, the common plight at hotels. Hence, these have emerged as the most preferred accommodation for the peace seeking NRIs.

Laundry service for light baggage – Coming from a foreign nation is often coupled with extra bags of gifts for friends, relatives and families, leaving little or no place for other personal things. However, service apartment comes with an in-room washing machine and dryer, implying laundering by self. Thus, you can carry few and then do a wash load instead of carrying more and stocking them back unwashed, making for a lighter baggage.

Less expensive than a hotel room- Engaging separate hotel rooms for the whole family is more costly than equivalent serviced apartments. Serviced apartment gives you the flexibleness to remain within budget. Besides, the kitchen with modern cooking range allows you to cook your own meals and save on dining out which significantly cut down the expenses.

Flexibility and frequent housekeeping- Serviced apartments come at a diverse range of prices and variety- from executive room to four BHK rooms. Thus, NRIs get to pick out a simplex studio apartment or a deluxe penthouse based on ones tastes. Moreover, most of the service apartments are equipped with housekeeping staff that tend to clean your rooms several times a day or as per your need.

Get your much-loved pets to a vacation– Most of the service apartments are pet-friendly and understand that your pets are very much part of your family. Therefore, you are allowed to bring your pets on a vacation with you.

It would be fantabulous, if we could carry our home with us while traveling. Service apartments with a host of “homey facilities” make available the awesomeness of being at home. There are no rules. You can spread out the way you want. You can grab a quick bite, chill on the couch, stay updated, connect with your friends and entertain yourself as you please. It is for these reasons; NRI families coming back to the country for family get together prefer service apartments. Besides, serviced apartments cope with the growing demand of global NRIs, well. Hence, they are great for the home craving NRIs.