Serviced Apartments: A worthwhile determinant that helps you enjoy long stays longer

A quiet setting to unwind and revive; an unparalleled space and greater choice; and an immense value for money are what we prefer while booking a long-term accommodation. Serviced apartments, the self-contained accommodations also referred as ‘home away from home’, provide the required privacy, space, quality services and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and hassle free stay. Serviced apartments cater to a wider set of audience such as corporate travelers, backpackers, travelers with families, medical tourists, pilgrims, people on relocation, etc. Thus, given the array of relative advantages a serviced apartment offers, it is the uplifting alternative to traditional or extended stay hotels.

Why book a home like serviced apartment instead of impersonal hotel room?

A serviced apartment furnishes certain prime and direct benefits concerning space, food, location, services and amenities that act as authentic determinants helping you enjoy long stays longer.

SPACE – Serviced apartments are usually roomy and give the independence to have additional rooms. With threefold the size of a regular hotel room, fully functional kitchen and broad range of rooms, it gives you more freedom and privacy to work and relax. If you are traveling with family or larger group, you can book a two or three bedroom apartment and benefit from a comfortable, homey atmosphere instead of shelling out money on individual rooms with limited space. Hotel rooms come with limited space and staying with the whole family or larger group in the same room is inconvenient. Hence, calls for additional rooms, making your stay an expensive and miserable affair.

FOOD – Say good-bye to fixed meal times and relish eating a home cooked meal in your own room. Cooking ones meals instead of depending on outside food each time is hygienic, time saving and more economical. Serviced apartments come with a well-fitted contemporary kitchen, yielding you the autonomy to prepare meals for yourself and for your family. Such a kitchen convenience with basic cooking range is a practical relief for solo travelers, medical tourists and families traveling with kids or elderly people who have special dietary needs. Besides, almost all serviced apartments provide complimentary healthy breakfast so that you start your mornings without any cooking fuss. Whereas, hotels do not offer the privilege of own kitchenette, making you depend on the restaurant food, which adds to the financial stress.

LOCATIONS – Serviced apartments are devoid of usual city humdrum. As opposed to hotels that are located on busy and noisy streets, serviced apartments are strategically placed within prime and peaceful neighborhoods of the city with ease of access to public transport, malls, markets, theaters, convenience stores, hospitals, business districts, etc. Thus, save you time for things that are more important.

SERVICES – Serviced apartments extend high levels of quality services at a more affordable price over the related services offered at hotels. Hotels do not have a facility for DIY laundry and cooking; whereas, serviced apartments are endowed with washing / dryer combo, kitchenette, maid on hire service, daily housekeeping service, rigorous security, etc. Moreover, in contrast to the annoying traditional check-ins and checkouts, serviced apartment lets you choose your flexible timings to check in and checkout. Thus, it creates an invincible value and guaranteed level of service for all kinds of guests.

AMENITIES – Serviced apartments offer amenities of hotel along with the added benefit of flexibility like home. Apart from being fully furnished, these come with state-of-the-art entertainment systems such as DVD player, cable connection and flat-screen television. Broadband connectivity at hotels is often discouraging and slow moving in comparison to the serviced apartments’ fast and reliable internet services. Some of the premium-serviced apartments offer further conveniences such as swimming pool, gym, spa, etc., making the entire stay a pleasurable experience.

Serviced apartment make you feel more personal with its caring homely touches while conserving the service aspects of a hotel. Exceeding hotels in terms of the direct benefits, comforting living experience and cost savings through its in-apartment facilities, it emerges as the safest, cost effective and practical accommodation. Weigh the gains and make a smart move today, switching to serviced apartments over hotels and enjoy a memorable and relaxing stay.