Year-offs set a new trend in boosting career; Hyderabad stands to witness it all.

Choosing a career path can often be bulldozing; take a year-off and let your passion find its soul. Explore Hyderabad – one of the most frequented cities of India.

In the western countries, students are encouraged to take a year off prior to university or usually after completing high school. This period of time is also known as a gap year or a sabbatical year in the academic or professional world where this time is put to good use by the students to productively explore which career they would want to pursue in, or sometimes even to take up extra-academic classes. Although this was a predominant practice restricted to Europe& North American countries, it has quickly gained popularity across the globe. Studies suggest that students come back more revitalized, focused, civically engaged and motivated after the gap year. Thus, year-off is a bang-up prospect for students to grow to be independent and responsible preceding university life.

Backpacking in Hyderabad, India on a Year-Off.

Burned out of classroom learning? Decided to go on a gap year? Want to travel or understand oneself well? Exploring gap year in a foreign country can be an exciting affair. If India is on your travel list for gap year, then book your trip to Hyderabad. Scheduling a gap year is both energizing and demanding. You do not have to endeavor hard to like Hyderabad because the city makes up for an excellent stay, as you can pass your year-off the way you desire. Absorb yourself in its unique ‘Nawabi culture’, catch the glimpse of its royalty and splendor, pursue a study, volunteer social projects, learn languages, explore city’s historic corners, stroll through its bustling bazaars, marvel at the magnificent forts, etc. Besides, if you are traveling from France or Germany for advanced language studies, then the city has language centers such as Alliance Francaise and Goethe – Zentrum. Thus, a year-off in Hyderabad will definitely pay you back with rich diversity, language, culture and ethnicity. What next? Worried about your accommodation in the city and the accompanying costs? This is where serviced apartments come in.

Serviced Apartments – The ultimate blend of space and value.

Serviced apartments are fully furnished, offering home like environment with hotel like facilities. Not just private living space, having the kitchen facility gives you the ease of cooking your own meals. They offer solitude of a complete residential apartment and hence are ideal for short, medium and long-term stays as well. Few providers of Serviced Apartments also offer cost-effective choices for longer stays. In addition, serviced apartments are conveniently located and hence set easy access to hospitals, universities, colleges, super markets, malls, etc. It is a known fact that hotel stays are expensive as the hotel rates are inclusive of daily breakfast costs too. In contrast, serviced apartments provide complimentary breakfast, making for stress-free mornings. Thus, serviced apartments serve as the most easygoing and most agreeable way to embark on your life-changing exploration.

The advantages of serviced apartments for students

  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Efficient internet access
  • Spacious and fully-furnished rooms
  • Kitchenette with basic cooking range
  • Close proximity to universities and inner city
  • Easy access to transport system
  • Lounge or dining area
  • Laundry service
  • Maid on hire
  • Direct telephone line and TV
  • Work desk with chair

Why adjust, when you can enjoy a stress-free hiatus.

When you are away from your home country, having a serviced apartment for yourself is very valuable; particularly when you seek privacy, comfort, peace and value for money. Therefore, get a breather from the conventional academic practices, dig in deeper and explore what’s out there. Experience a hassle-free stay in Hyderabad at the best service apartments.