About Serviced Apartments

1. What purpose does serviced apartment serve?
2. How serviced apartments prove to be a better choice for travellers with different purposes?
3. At what locations can I avail the services of SKYLA?
About Staying at SKYLA
1. What modes of payment are feasible at SKYLA?
2. Do I need to submit any documents for check-in?
3. What are the timings for check-in and check-out?
4. What are the options available if I want to conduct a meeting at SKYLA?
5. What facilities does SKYLA provide?
6. What are the dining options available?
7. Can SKYLA arrange Taxi services?
8. Does SKYLA have a parking facility?
9. What is the minimum and maximum stay duration?
Reservations with SKYLA
1. How can I make a reservation at SKYLA?
2. Who would be handling our queries?
3. Tariff’s & Discount’s.
4. How do I make the payment against my reservation?
5. What is the cancellation policy of SKYLA?