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At Skyla,we have always imagined our services as a way for travelers to feel at home. With our serviced homes. we nurture that feeling of that our guest walk-in with, and we believe the need of our guests extends beyond a bed and breakfast. Setting our foot in one the boomimg city in the world.Hyderabad,We provided that all it takes to changes something is some eagerness to understand what people desire. We care for their voice,we made room for opinions,we stood by their journeys.but we dont want to stop at that.When our enthusiasm is cherished by thousands of guests, we feel weneed to make our presence felt where it belongs.
Help us spread the voice!
Merching towards success up the hill, we aim to pan out Skyla's linchpin across the globe. Staring with mazor cities in India such as Bengalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Pune.
You as a fellow Skylad could help us find interesting locations
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What are we looking for?
  • Independent Premium Apartment Building
  • Premium villas or Bunglows
  • Boutique Rooms
Projects that we take over will oblige to Skyla's guidelines and will thus be operatedd by Skyla's Team. We welcome fixed long-term leasing or management contracts, and are open to other options that may regard as beneficial.
We are also involved in co-investments/co-development with local partners and would thus accept a direct dailogue with interested parties. To ensure we cater services consistentely across all our properties, we work in adherence to our brand standards.
A few key features we keep in mind before we pick a property:
  1. The property should not be older than 3 years
  2. We prefer independent properties over properties in large communities
  3. Minimum & maximum number of operational rooms in a building sholud be 20 to 100 respectively.
  4. A lively neignborhood in an urban context with mix of entertainment, business & other residences
  5. It should be easily accessable by public transport or self-driven vehicles.

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